Punching waste, electrolytic waste or cable residues: Where something is produced, waste is also created. Of course. However all this waste or defective components contain valuable metals. We recycle these things and return them to the production cycle. And here we get the best out for you.

01. Analysis

The first step: We have a detailed analysis created by our partner. Here we have been working with Hans-Joachim Günther GmbH for years – a publicly appointed expert and certified sampler for ores, metals and old metal residues.

02. Consulting

Then we will work out a custom solution for your company. We determine the goods value, the optimal composition of the batches and calculate the anticipated processing time. Of course taking into account all the required packaging and shipping regulations. In addition we also provide advice on site, training your warehouse employees and provide practical tools. With our transport boxes or other packaging solutions, production waste can be collected quickly and simply.

03. Sequence

You remain informed at all times regarding the status of the process and after the completion of the treatment you receive the analysis and a calculation based on the current market prices. This is what we mean by “Transparency”.

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Julia De Santis
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